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About Us



Who & Why We Are

In 2018, Smart Real Estate Tools, Inc. set out to answer a call. It was a call voiced by a growing number of agents whose clients's needs were not being met by traditional real estate methods. The agents and their clients were frustrated, left behind by the the inefficiencies of the traditional ways as well as the agents frustrations of striving to be in the top 1%, but finding out that to be in the top 1%, you may spend so much money that you end up not making much money at all. 

We desire and will not finish until we are the leader in providing individually tailored real estate tools from how homes are sold to how leads are generated to best practices on branding and marketing.  These solutions can change lives and open up possibilities for many agents to bring their business to another level. 



To increase the efficiencies of all real estate methods...home marketing, buying, selling and lead generation for the betterment of the real estate agents business and their clients.



To become the trusted leader in real estate tools.


How we do it

Smart Real Estate Tools, Inc. and its first tool The Smart Offer Platform offers a new way to buy and sell homes.  Now the first time, buyers have the ability to make more intelligent offers.  Sellers have the best opportunity to quickly create multiple offers, which help create the fairest price for the home.  This is done by using the NAR pricing pyramid, our transparency Offer Platform software, which ranks each offer and provides the top 3 offers.  Buyers now have the right information that empowers them with a choice or the option to compete for the house if they want to.  


This is the first tool of its kind to offer the right kind of transparency. We enable listing agents to list homes well below market value, and create the best scenario for multiple offers and then we rank the offers as they come in.  This is the right kind of transparency because we provide enough information for buyer agents to present the best and most competitive offer possible, while giving the other buyers a chance to respond if they like.  The homeowner has the option to accept the best offer or counter the offers as they see fit.


It's all about removing the barriers that keeps buyers or sellers from moving forward and agents from reaching their true, individual potential—it's what gets us jumping out of bed in the morning to come to work. We desire to help tens of thousands of agents reach their true business potential. We reach these agents through a number of channels including:


  • The Smart Offer Platform - a more efficient way to sell a home

  • Coming Soon - Smart IDX - instant MLS access in real time w/ The Smart Offer Platform built in

  • Coming Soon - Smart Agent Marketing - an agent branding, farming and digital marketing lead gen solution

  • Coming Soon - Smart Home Prep - a tool to get your listings show ready and create the best first impression possible